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Teamsters: What promises are they telling you?

Being a Union Member


Unions have dues deducted from members' paychecks, to pay for union salaries and administration costs. Members' dues are also given away by the union in political contributions to various candidates and causes, as determined by union executives.

In the Teamsters' union, for example, dues are 2½ times a person's hourly wage, per month. Plus, some locals charge additional initiation fees and other “assessments” to members. To find out how much your dues to the Teamsters would be:

To find out how much your dues to a typical union would be:


Enter your hourly wage or hourly equivalent



Your monthly dues would be


Your annual dues would be


Over the typical life of a three-year contract, this would total


Instead of paying union dues for this time, you could buy:


full tanks of gas


32-inch flat panel televisions


nice dinners


$75 shopping sprees at the store of your choice


years of cell phone service

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