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Partner Rights

As a responsible employer, we remain steadfast in our beliefs:

  • We provide great places to work, wages and benefits that are almost always equal to or in most cases, above our competitors, and a culture based on respect and ethical standards.
  • We appreciate the confidence and trust we’ve earned with our employee-partners, and we work hard every day to maintain this relationship.
  • When there’s a problem, we seek to fix it.
  • We believe that our employee-partners should have the final say in whether or not they want union representation.
  • We equally believe that unions should respect our employee-partners freedom not to be unionized.

First and foremost, we believe that it is the right of our employee-partners to choose to unionize, or not. We respect this right, and would hope that unions will, too.

Additionally, the employee-partner communication system provides a process for employee-partners to voice their questions and concerns. It urges that an employee-partner speak first to their supervisor about any issues or questions they have. Then, if the matter is unresolved, go to the supervisor’s manager to find a resolution. If issues are still unresolved, then employee-partners can talk with a facility Safety & Improvement Committee Member. If needed, the employee-partner may choose to submit their issue in writing, via e-mail, or through a toll-free telephone number, which goes directly to a company officer for investigation and resolution.

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