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Unions In the News - December 2011 Updates

Coca-Cola Employee Wins Lawsuit Against Union - An employee at a Coca-Cola facility in Houston, PA won a lawsuit against the Teamsters after he was fired for not paying full dues for a union membership. The NLRB awarded the employee 3,300 dollars from the Teamster Local 585 and more than 800 dollars from Coca-Cola for a total exceeding 4,000 dollars and he was given back his job at the company. As part of the settlement, the facility in Houston posted a notice for workers, stressing their right to refuse to pay full dues for membership in a union.
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Worker Files Complaint Against Teamsters - A non-union employee at Interstate Bakeries filed a brief Nov. 23 with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit alleging the Teamster discriminated against him over his non-participation. Rammage was the single non-union sales representative with the Dolly Madison brand of Interstate Bakeries for over 15 years before his division was merged in 2005 with Wonder Bread/Hostess. According to the brief, “The new company initially wanted to retain Rammage and protect his seniority…but officials of Teamsters Local 523 demanded that union members receive preferential treatment, thus placing Rammage at the bottom of the seniority roster despite his workplace tenure.”
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NLRB Looks to Shorten Timeframe for Union Elections - According to the Wall Street Journal NLRB Chairman Mark Pearce will “hold a vote next Wednesday on rules to shorten the time frame for union elections…the fire drill is intended to approve the union-favored plan before the recess appointment of the board's other Democrat expires and they lose their quorum.” Currently, companies have five to six weeks to reach employees before the union holds a secret-ballot election. The new plan would allow only 10 to 14 days between the time a union seeks an election to organize a work site and the election date.
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Former Trenton Union Leader Charged with Fraudulently Obtaining City Contracts - NJ Prosecutors charged David G. Tallone, president of AFSCME Local 2286 and president of the City of Trenton Employees Credit Union, with impersonation and forgery for allegedly using his sister’s name on contracts to provide food for city events on at least five separate occasions from April 2007 to May 2011.
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