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Would someone from the union purposefully lie to you, coerce you, or even threaten you into signing a card? Would they forge signatures, just to turn in a bunch of names? According to complaints filed with the National Labor Relations Board, the answer is yes.

  • Harassing and intimidating employees at their homes to secure signatures on purposed union authorization cards . . .”

  • Misrepresenting to employees the meaning of union authorization cards . . .”

  • “Threatening employees using racial intimidation . . .”

  • Preventing employees at their homes from going to work until they signed a union authorization card . . .”

  • “Making employees sign a union authorization card as an entry fee into a union-sponsored organizing event . . .”

  • Asking whomever answered the door at the employees’ homes to sign a union authorization card on behalf of the employee . . .”

Or how about this worker’s first-hand story:
“The union rep approached me . . . while I was working on the morning of 10/14/08 and told me that the union had gone through and I needed to sign the forms now in order to waive the initiation fee. I did so – and later found out that he said was untrue. I would not have signed at all if it were not for being deceived.”


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